Live healthily and breathe cleaner air with ATMOS®

Prefinished + ATMOS Agent. Patagonia Flooring launches Prefinished®, an exclusive wood flooring with the most innovative component that improves air quality to preserve the health of your family. ATMOS® recreates a purifying photosynthesis as if you lived in a forest, but in your own environment.

Did you know that we are surrounded by volatile pollutants in our environment (VOCs)?
Construction materials, furnishings, textiles, and even house cleaning materials are constant sources of pollution and toxic pollutant emitters, including the most common undesirable gas: Formaldehyde vapor. The poor air quality in the house can accommodate mainly respiratory diseases such as allergies or asthma.

Can floor gloss act as air purifier?
Yes! Thanks to ATMOS®, a purifying agent composed of titanium dioxide incorporated into the 10 layers of Prefinished®, an exclusive product of
Patagonia Flooring.

ATMOS® is activated by light exposure (as photosynthesis), both natural and artificial. It decomposes toxic contaminants transforming them into harmless molecules. Its action is steady and effective over time, increasing up to 65% ambient air quality.




Activated by light




Air circulation as a vehicle




The entire floor is an interface area


ATMOS® is catalysed with light
Titanium dioxide reacts naturally when exposed to natural or artificial light activating the decontamination agents.

Your own floor, a great natural filter
Air movement or the action of mechanical ventilation facilitates contact of toxic molecules with ATMOS® nanoparticles, triggering a natural process of decomposition.